Larry Fryer, co-founder of the 7th PA Cavalry Descendant’s Association, is nearing completion (publication scheduled for 2013) of a regimental history of the 7th PA Cavalry after over 15 years of research. The book will contain over 100 war-time photos of the men of the 7th, the history of the regiment’s service from the Official Records, numerous unpublished diaries, letters, newspaper accounts (Pottsville Miner’s Journal, National Tribune, Clinton Democrat, and others) and a record of their post-war reunions. A complete roster of all 2877 troopers who enlisted, with information obtained from the compiled military service records at the National Archives will be included as an appendix. If you have any information about your ancestor(s) who served with the regiment that you would like included, please contact the author at, providing high resolution digital copies, if possible. If you want to contact the Larry regarding your ancestor, his phone number is 410-461-2374.