7th Pennsylvania Cavalry

The Saber Brigade in The Civil War

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150th Anniversary Reenactment of Kilpatrick’s Raid

On Saturday, September 20, 2014, at 10 A.M., at Nash Farm Battlefield in Lovejoy, Georgia, 4000 volunteers in Civil War dress will reenact one of¬†the grandest cavalry charges during the Civil War, Kilpatrick’s Raid! This the the raid when the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry and 4000 Union cavalry in total traveled south of Atlanta behind enemy lines to...

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History of 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry

Command of 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry Over the years the division was assigned to different military commands as follows: Organized at Harrisburg September to December, 1861. At Camp Cameron, Harrisburg, till December 19, 1861. Moved to Louisville, Kentucky, December 19, 1861. Ordered to Jeffersonville, Ind. Duty there till February, 1862. Served unattached,...

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