July 19, 1864-10 p. m.
GENERAL: I have to report that, owing to the appearance of the enemy in this vicinity last evening, I sent a regiment to the Peach Tree road, one of McAfee’s Bridge, and ordered Colonel Long, with his two regiments, up; also, that trains, stragglers, &c., constantly passing along this road, I did not feel justified in moving forward until all was secure. This delayed me till 12 m., when I sent the Third Brigade, Colonel Miller commanding, toward Stone Mountain. They met strong opposition just outside of my pickets, and had heavy skirmishing to within a mile of the depot. I then moved up Long, and we went into the town. We fought two brigades, but the country being so unfavorable for cavalry, I was unable to reap the fruits of the victory gained by my dismounted men. We captured no prisoners, but captured one set of colors, which they dropped in their hasty retreat. The depot, containing large amount of quartermaster and commissary stores, was burned, also about 200 bales of cotton, also the railroad as fast as we advanced. The delay caused by skirmishing prevented me advancing beyond the mountain, and I have just reached my camp of last night. These two brigades came in last night, and I have no doubt that it was in view of saving the Government property in the depot. The rebel set it on fire after we reached the edge of the town. We had to use artillery to drive them out of the houses. I could only spare five regiments for this duty, and if I am to guard such an extended flank it will be impossible for me to do anything else. I would suggest the destruction of McAfee’s Bridge, and that my line be contracted. I then can be of assistance to you and guard the left.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Brigadier General Kenner Garrard,
Brigadier-General, Commanding Division.