NEAR ATLANTA, GA., August 1, 1864-9 p. m.
Our cavalry, under General McCook, reached the Macon road, burned a brigade, and destroyed railroad for twelve miles at thoroughly as possible. Burned several trains of wagons-500 in all-including 300 loads of clothing, and Hood’s headquarters train, but failed to get away; was attacked, cut off, defeated, and the greater part captured, including the general. Colonel Brownlow, who escaped, says the railroad cannot be repaired under fifteen days. Stoneman not heard from. Schofield’s command swings from left to right to-day, and tomorrow he and Howard, with division of Davis and Ward, will go for East Point.

In the Field, near Atlanta, Ga., Numbers 48.
August 1, 1864.
I. During the next series of operations General Thomas will be the left, General Howard center, and General Schofield the right army. The two division of Generals Davis will continue to be held in reserve toward the right, and in case the enemy attack that flank, these division will report to and during the action obey General Schofield’s order. When not engaged General Thomas will post them so as to cover his communication from danger coming from the southeast.
II. Brigadier-General Garrard’s cavalry will relieve General Schofield on the left and occupy in part his trenches, patrol the roads about Decatur, and picket toward Roswell. He will report to General Thomas, and be prepared to sally out as cavalry from his trenches, in case of necessity.
III. All train of wagons going to and from the depots of Vining’s and Marietta will follow roads converging at the railroad brigade, and never go north of Buck Head or south of Turner’s.
IV. General Thomas will cause a new infantry flank to be prepared on his left, north of the Buck Head road, connecting General Stanley’s front lines with the old rebel prepared near Peach Tree Creek.
By order of Major General W. T. Sherman: