CAMP, KENESAW, GA., June 27, 1864-7 p. m.
Major T. T. ECKERT:
At 8.30 a. m. to- day Sherman attacked the enemy’s line at four points, Schofield carrying the position of the enemy on Sandtown road, north of Ollely’s Creek, which he holds, and which is all the real gain of the day. Thomas attacked with four brigades, and was repulsed, losing 2.000 men, including two brigade commandeers- Harker and Dan. McCook, both dangerously wounded. McPherson attacked on the line of Kenesaw, with Morgan L. Smith’s division and Walcutt’s brigade, through dense, tangled thicken, and under cross and enfilading fire, which cost him 1,000 men and stopped the column. Blair attacked a division on the extreme left, co- operating with Garrard’s cavalry, but accomplished nothing, and I have no report of his losses or of Schofield’s/ We shall hold all that has been gained, and fight again to- morrow. my lines work well all day, and communication between the right and left (thirteen miles apart) had been constant and uninterrupted. Weather excessively warm; roads good.