August 3, 1864-8.30 p. m.
Major-General SHERMAN:
I have the honor to report, in answer to your inquiry, that I carried the picket-line on the whole corps front, excepting Gibson’s [brigade], of Wood’s division. Newton’s men went within 100 yards of the star fort. The rebels opened from at least twenty pieces. The rebels rallied and drove back Hazen’s skirmishers. We took about 40 prisoners. There of Chatham’s brigades are certainly in our front. They say Cleburne is on the rebel right. We could see troops move in and deploy in the works during the fight. I sent through General Thomas a Chattanooga Rebel paper of the 3rd of August. Stoneman was at Clinton on the 1st. He has destroyed Oconee bridge, burned cars, &c., on Central Railroad. I had 30 or 40 killed and wounded to-day. My belief is that the rebel force is quite strong on this front yet. Gibson met a destructive fire of musketry and canister.