Dallas, May 27, 1864-6.45 a.m.
Brigadier-General GARRARD,
Commanding Cavalry Division:
Your letter, inclosing report of Colonel Minty, is received.* His brigade has done good service to-day and drew four regiments of rebel cavalry from in front of our right off toward Villa Rica to fight him. I desire you to continue to press and threaten the enemy’s left and rear as much as possible, and do not lose a good opportunity to strike him. I have moved our trains up in rear of us where they are safe. You can select any point in your vicinity for your center. The Pumpkin Vine Church will probably be as good as any. Save your animals as much as possible, and forage all you can. We have had skirmishing, no heavy fighting, all day, and have driven the enemy into his intrenchments. He occupies all day, and have driven the enemy into his intrenchments. He occupies a strong position on a range of hills extending from the Villa Rica and to the New Hope Church roads. General Grant has had another battle, defeated Lee, and driven them across the North Anna and is across himself, and has cut Lee’s communication with Richmond.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
Major-General, Commanding.
P. S.-Send one of your brigades up very early in the morning to come in on the left flank of the enemy. There is a ridge running nearly north and south not occupied now which I think your men might get possession of; and, if so, it will operate very much to our advantage. I send you a couple of men who can show you the road.