In the Field, near Chattahoochee, July 6, 1864.
General GARRARD:
GENERAL: I have just received your note announcing that you have possession of Roswell. This is important; watch well the crossing there, but not in force; keep your main force concealed somewhat. General McCook has just started for some point between Rottenwood and Soap Creek, where he will be near you. I propose to throw Schofield over on that flank the moment I propose to attempt a crossing; fords are much better than bridges, and therefore have the river examined well as to fords. I am on the main road at the point where a branch goes to Vining’s on the railroad. Howard is at Vining’s and has possession at Pace’s. McPherson’s right is at Howell’s Ferry, below Nickajack. The enemy holds this bank from the railroad bridge down to Nickajack, and seems to have it well fortified. Atlanta in plain view. Stoneman threatens the river down to Sweet Water. I will soon have a telegraph at Vining’s and you can then communicate by Marietta. You will have rest for a few days and should take advantage off all grain fields.
Yours, truly,
Major-General, Commanding.