In the Field, June 4, 1864-9.30 p.m.
Major-General THOMAS,
Commanding Army of the Cumberland:
GENERAL: Lieutenant Tucker, of your headquarters guard, just from Kingston, comes to come to know about the train can safely come to you via Euharlee, Stilesborough, Allatoona, and down the road till it meets you at some point on the road from Allatoona to Marietta, and you may instruct it to take that route. It need not even cross the Etowah at the Free Bridge, but come via the railroad bridge, provided you have a bridge of boats to send there. I regard the road hence to Allatoona safe now and thence to Kingston, the only difficulty being at the Etowah River. I think two of Garrard’s regiments could patrol the country south of the Etowah, and he should remain in Allatoona Pass until McPherson gets in front, which I expect the day after to-morrow. These rains will make the country very soft, but will affect the main roads less than the smaller side roads. Therefore, your large trains would do better to come around by Allatoona. Colonel Wright should be at work on that railroad bridge. This rain will also delay Blair, though I have two staff officers at Rome to urge him forward. I am not certain that he is even yet at Rome. He was not yesterday. I am certain we should move our entire army over to the railroad about Acworth and Andersonville at once, for Joe Johnston is shrewd enough to see that we have begun such a movement, and will prepare the way.
Major-General, Commanding.