In the Field, near Kingston, May 18, 1864-10.30 p.m.
Major-General THOMAS,
Commanding Army of the Cumberland:
GENERAL: Until we know exactly the course taken by Johnston from Kingston I cannot make orders more exact than those already existing. You are now on the plain, well-marked trail of the enemy. You will, early in the morning, renew the pursuit, following this trail till it leads beyond the Etowah or gets to the eastward of Cassville, when you will relinquish pursuit unless otherwise ordered. General Schofield is now behind General Hooker, and is orders early in the morning to close up and come up on his left. Let all your troops be in advance of all wagons save ambulances and a moderate number of ammunition-wagons, and order the enemy to be attacked if found. General McPherson, should now be at Woodland, and General Hooker about Creek, and can easily join you at Kingston by 8 or 9 a.m. I hope Generals Garrard and Stoneman have done good work to-day. I will attend your column to-morrow. Order up the pontoons and ascertain the whereabouts of General Jeff. C. Davis as soon as possible.
Major-General, Commanding.