In the Field, September 2, 1864-4 a.m.
Major-General THOMAS:
At 2 a.m. I heard heavy firing and saw a large fire in the direction of Atlanta. I have just heard more firing seemingly nearer. Garrard is to our rear, with orders to cover us from all approach from that quarter. I have not yet clearly ascertained if Stewart is with the army in Jonesborough but think he may have swung around Stanley and come in front the east. If so, any force approaching our rear would not be very formidable, though we must be prepared. I think you had better move your headquarters and trains in near your rear, where the trains will be less exposed, and if Schofield’s trains be near Renfroe’s, as I suppose them to be, you had better order them down to Flint River nearer Howard’s left on Davis’ right. Schofield is across the railroad, massed on Stanley’s left but I have ordered him if any danger approach our rear he must go and meet it. In the mean time you had better send a strong picket up the road to Couch’s to guard that point till your trains are close into your troops. I think Garrard can cover the roads, yet he may not know them.