NEAR ATLANTA, GA., August 1, 1864-8 p. m.
(Received 1.30 p. m. 2d.)
Major General H. W. HALLECK,
Washington, D. C.:
Colonel Brownlow reports from Marietta that he has just reached there, having escaped from a disaster that overtook General McCook’s cavalry expedition at Newnan. He reports the expedition reached the railroad and destroyed more road than the rebels can repair in fifteen days, and burned 500 bagged wagons, including the headquarters train of the rebel army, but was overtaken at Newnan by rebel cavalry and infantry, and after a hard fight had to surrender. Colonel Harrison was killed.* I can hardly believe it, as had 3,000 picked cavalry. Colonel Brownlow commanded one of the regiments, and brought in with him but few men. I have sent for him from Marietta, to inquire more closely into the matter. I have reported General Garrard’s safe return. General Stoneman used him as a cover to get a good start, so that he will probably reach Macon, and it may be Andersonville, but will have to run the gauntlet to get back safe. The loss of this cavalry is a serious one to me, but we are pushing the enemy close. Considerable re-enforcements of militia and dismounted cavalry have reached Atlanta, under Stephen D. Lee.