NEAR ATLANTA, GA., August 22, 1864-10 p. m. (Received 11 p .m. 23d.)
Major General H. W. HALLECK,
Washington, D. C.:
General Kilpatrick is back. He had pretty hard fighting with a division of infantry and three brigades of cavalry. He broke the cavalry into disorder and captured a battery, which he destroyed, except one gun, which he brought in in addition to all his own. He also brought in 3 captured flags and 70 prisoners. He had possession of a large part of Ross’ brigade, but could not encumber himself with them. He destroyed 3 miles of the road about Jonesborough, and broke pieces for about 10 miles more, enough to disable the road for ten days. I expect I will have to swing across to that road in force to make the matter certain. General Kilpatrick destroyed 2 locomotives and trains. It has been very quiet with us here. Wheeler is about Athens, Tenn., and General Steedman will move out against him from Chattanooga.