In the Field, on Peach Tree Road, July 18, 1864-12 m.
General McPHERSON:
I am at Sam. House’s, a brick house well known, and near Old Cross Keys. A sick negro, the only human being left on the premises, says we are eleven miles from Atlanta, five from Buck Head, and a sign board says ten miles to McAfee’s Bridge and eleven to Roswell Factory. At this place the main Buck Head and Atlanta road is strongly marked and forks, the right-hand looking north going to McAfee’s, and the left to Roswell Factory. This left-hand road forks one mile from here, at Old Cross Keys, the main road going to Roswell and left-hand to Johnson’s Ferry. The latter is the road traveled by us. I suppose all of Thomas’ troops are at Buck Head, with advance guard down to Peach Tree Creek. I think I will move Schofield one mile and half toward Buck Head, where the negro represents a road to Decatur and forward on that road a mile or so. I think Sam. House’s is not far from the northwest corner of lot 273, and if I move him as contemplated he will be to-night about 202, 203. On our map a road comes from the direction of McAfee’s toward Decatur, and if you can find position about 192, 191 it would best fulfill my purpose, but be careful to order Garrard to break the road to-day or to-night and report result I will stay here or down at the forks of the road to-night. Schofield encountered nothing but cavalry, about 500, according to the negro’s report, and all retreated toward Atlanta. Tell Garrard that it will be much easier to break the telegraph and road to-day and night than if he waits longer. This negro says there is a road leading to Stone Mountain from a Mr. Lively’s, on the Decatur road, on which I suppose you to be. At any rate I will be here till evening and would like to hear from you.