Major-General McPHERSON,
Commanding Army of the Tennessee:
GENERAL: You will observe that after full reflection and due observation I have concluded to make the movement by the left. To affect this, so far as you are concerned, I advise you to-night to place one brigade of Dodge’s at the parapet of Jeff. C. Davis, immediately opposite the mountain and another at the new parapet in the large field this side of Dallas. Then at daylight draw off division by division of the Fifteenth Army Corps, and left them march direct for this road by the most convenient route, and proceed at once to General Hooker and relieve him. The other division of Dodge should then move by the road from Dallas toward Burnt Hickory, and halt at or back of Owen’s Mill. After the movement is past the new parapet in the cleared field, the brigade first posted there should move to the Marietta road, where Jeff. Davis’ battery (which is close to the brigade posted in front of the mountain, and which covers all approach to this flank from the south) [is]. This will leave General Dodge to watch that flank, and the Fifteenth Corps to occupy General Hooker’s present ground. As Blair cannot be expected as soon as I contemplated I must use the cavalry to secure Allatoona Pass. It should move by a road outside of the one traveled by Dodge’s division, which goes to Owen’s Mill. If the enemy follows he will do so cautiously, and I feel no doubt will be easily repulse. I want Hooker relieved as early in the day as possible to give Schofield time to attack on our extreme left. As soon as the cavalry secures the Allatoona Pass, I will relieve them by infantry and recall the cavalry to our flanks.
Yours, truly,
Major-General, Commanding.