SHERMAN’S HEADQUARTERS, August 19, 1864. (Received 8.45 p .m.)
According to the doctrine of chances, on the supposition that Kilpatrick breaks the road, of which, I think, there is no doubt, the enemy should try to break our center. Therefore, let orders be made that in case of any indications of such an event the wings will close on the center. The center is defined to be from the Buck Head road, Newton’s, to the poor-house, or the Fifteenth Corps.
(Same to Generals Thomas and Howard.)
HDQRS. MILITARY DIVISION OF THE MISSISSIPPI, In the Field, near Atlanta, August 19, 1864-11.15 a. m.
General HOWARD:
General Kilpatrick reported last night at 11 o’clock he would be on the road at 12.30 to-day. He will cut the road and force the infantry to disembark. No train can carry more than 800 men, and General Kilpatrick can work on both sides of that train. Being mounted he can circumvent any infantry except at a single point, and he is not limited to any point. He can be at Jonesborough at noon, tear up a few rails, and ten miles below in a couple of hours. I think General Kilpatrick equal to anything Hood can now do. Still we should take advantage of the detachment of his best troops for that duty.
Major-General, Commanding.