AUGUST 31, 1864-12.30 [p. m.]
General HOWARD:
Your dispatch is received. Of course, now an attack by you on Jonesborough is out of the question, but you can make that position impregnable, and we can operate beyond. Baird is now moving toward the road four miles north of you, and Schofield about the mills, which of course is the strongest part of the enemy’s works. I expect Garrard’s cavalry can be relieved of guarding Schofield’s trains to-day, and I will send it to Kilpatrick. The enemy is too smart for us, and we may have to maneuver thus down to Macon. It may be that some accident will happen, of which we can take advantage. Get your guns in position and damage trains passing, but it is useless to waste ammunition on the depot already reported burned by Kilpatrick. I cannot move the troops 100 yards without their stopping to intrench, though I have not seen an enemy. I have got Baird across Flint River about due east of this point. Thomas is at Renfroe’s, and will come to your aid if you need him, but I think you have as many men as can operate at that point, and a soon as I can hear from Schofield further I will commence to move toward Griffin, the next accessible point. I have no idea that Hardee will attack you, if you have any cover whatever. Get as many guns in as possible, so that by a simultaneous discharge you can knock a train to pieces at one discharge. It is only on condition that you can get on the road that I would put all of Thomas’ troops on that side of the Flint.