From the Journal of the Atlanta Campaign, kept at headquarters of the Fourth Army Corps, by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph S. Fullerton, Assistant Adjutant General.
August 13.-1.25 a. m., received dispatch from Brigadier-General Kimball, commanding First Division, stating that a column of the enemy had been passing for an hour and a half in front of Taylor’s brigade, of his division, moving toward our left. (This division now on the left of the army.) And he further reported that the enemy had been keeping up a constant skirmish fire all night. He asked for two regiments to support his left. 1.30 a. m., directed General Wood to send two regiments at once to report to General Kimball (to report to him at daylight), and for them to move to a point on the Roswell road near Kimball’s left. 1.30 a. m., telegraphed to General Thomas the substance of Kimball’s report. 4.30 a. m., sent a dispatch to General Kimball asking whether he had learned anything more concerning the movements of the enemy. 8.30 a. m., General Kimball dispatched that he had delayed answering the dispatch of 4.30, as he was waiting for definite information; and he says the enemy made the movement of troops, but he does not know where they went. Deserters just in say that they know of no movement having been made during the night; also, he reports that the enemy made a reconnaissance along our picket-line this morning. 9.30 a. m., General Kimball reports that his lookout reports that the enemy’s line in front of Kirby’s brigade, of his division, has been strengthened during the night by at least three regiments. This accounts for the movement of last night. 9.50, received dispatch from General Thomas, stating that he had directed General Garrard to send out scouts and see what the movement made last night means, and that he wants General Stanley to be on the watch for the earliest signs of movement of the enemy. The enemy has appeared active in front of Kimball’s division to-day, but there has been no movement of their forces from the position which they have been holding for some time past. Nothing new along the rest of our lien and no changes of the enemy’s force discovered. The usual skirmish and artillery firing to-day. Day warm and showery.