From the Journal of the Atlanta Campaign, kept at headquarters of the Fourth Army Corps, by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph S. Fullerton, Assistant Adjutant General.
August 6.-7 a. m., received report, by field telegraph, from General Kimball, commanding First Division, that the enemy was advancing his skirmish line and that he is re-enforcing his. 8.30 a. m., received another dispatch from General Kimball; reports that the enemy is evidently hunting for his left; that the left of his picket-line has been attacked, but it held firm, and the enemy is yet moving to his left. 8.40 a. m., General Stanley telegraphed General Whipple, chief of staff, a report of the enemy’s movements, and then left headquarters for our left. 8.50 a. m., moved two regiments of General Wood’s division toward the left as a support for General Kimball’s left, that part held by General Garrard’s dismounted cavalry. (General Garrard held that part of our lines which is refused on the left, commanding at Kimball’s left and running along the old abandoned rebel works toward Peach Tree Creek, and which covers the road to Atlanta via the Howard house.)