Near Nancy’s Creek, Ga., July 17, 1864.
* * *
VI. To carry out Special Field Orders, Numbers 36, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, a copy of which is inclosed herewith,* the following movements will take place to-morrow:
1. The Fifteenth Army Corps, Major-General Logan commanding will march at 5 a. m., on the Decatur road to Widow Rainey’s, thence on the Stone Mountain road, by Blake’s Mill, to Browning’s Court-House, at the intersection of the Stone Mountain and Lawrenceville and Decatur roads, where he will hold his command in readiness to assist Brigadier-General Garrard, if he requires it, in his effect to make a break in the railroad.
2. Major-General Dodge will move his command at 6 a. m., taking the road to his left in rear of his advance division, by Adams’ across Nancy’s Creek to the Peach Tree road, thence eastward on the Peach Tree road to the Decatur road from Roswell; thence Decatur road toward Peach Tree Creek, engaging the attention of the enemy, and keeping his command well in hand for any emergency.
3. Major General F. P. Blair will move his command at 6 a. m. on the Decatur road to Widow Rainey’s, thence on the Stone Mountain road to Peach Tree Creek at Blake’s Mill, following the Fifteenth Army Corps.
4. Brigadier General K. Garrard will move his command at 5 a. m. by the most practicable road or roads in his front to the railroad, and do what damage he can to it by burning bridges and culverts, piling rails on the track and setting them on fire so as to heat and warp the iron, tearing up the ties, piling them up, putting the iron rails on top, and setting the ties on fire.
5. The importance of making a break in the railroad cannot be over-estimated, and the general commanding trusts that all will act with that spirit and determination which is the best guarantee of succeeds.
* * *
By order of Major General James B. McPherson:
Assistant Adjutant-General.