NEAR DECATUR, GA., Numbers 72.
July 19, 1864.
In order to carry out Special Field Orders, Numbers 39, headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi, a copy of which is inclosed herewith,* the following movements will take place to-morrow:
1. Major General John A. Logan will move his command through Decatur, on the direct road to Atlanta, starting at 5 a. m.
2. Major-General Blair will move his command, starting at 6 o’clock, into Decatur, thence south, or nearly so, a mile and a half to Schofield’s house, where he will take a road leaving to Atlanta and which intersects the main road from Decatur at a distance of three miles from Atlanta, coming in on the left of Major-General Logan.
3. Major-General Dodge will hold his command in his present position and be ready to follow immediately after the Fifteenth Army Corps on direct road.
4. Brigadier-General Garrard will operate upon our left flank and rear as we move toward Atlanta, and will so dispose his forces as to cover the trains in and about Decatur from any cavalry dash.
5. All wagons, except ammunition wagons and ambulances, will be left behind in the vicinity and to the north of Decatur, until the result of our advance is determined.
6. The command will move forward prepared for battle, division of all useless incumberances, and the major-general commanding trusts that every man will be found in ranks and in his proper place.
By order of Major General James B. McPherson:
Assistant Adjutant-General.