Near Atlanta, Ga., August 29, 1864.
I. The plan of operations for to-morrow is as follows: The Army of the Tennessee to move from Fairburn to Renfroe Place (near Jonesborough); the Army of the Cumberland, from Red Oak, via Shoal Creek Church, to Couch’s; the Army of the Ohio, via Red Oak and Mims’, by Mrs. Long’s, to Murray’s [Morrow’s] Mill.
II. General Cox will follow immediately in rear of General Stanley, from his present position to Red Oak, then take the East Point road and move to the intersection of the Jonesborough road, a short distance beyond Mims’. He will go into position so as to cover the Jonesborough road, and fortify. General Hascall will follow General Cox to the position described above, pass him on the Jonesborough road, move to the intersection of the road from Shoal Creek Church to East Point, take position facing East Point and Rough and Ready, and fortify; General Cox will then pass General Hascall and move to Mrs. Long’s, where General Hascall will join him. The divisions will then move together to Murry’s [Morrow’s] Mill. Colonel Garrard will follow the movement of the infantry, keeping connection with the infantry left and in conjunction with General Garrard, scouting thoroughly all roads leading toward the Macon railroad. The division ammunition and baggage trains will follow the troops. Other trains will follow the trains for troops of the army of the Cumberland to Shoal Creek Church, where they will await further orders.
III. The following must be strictly observed in the movement of trains in connection with troops, viz: Where delay occurs at the head of the column by skirmishing or otherwise, the trains will at once move into park in the nearest open ground to the head of the train, leaving the road free for the passing of troops. Artillery should in general observe the same rule. In no case must artillery or wagons be permitted to double up in the road or occupy it unnecessarily.
By command of Major-General Schofield:
Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.