HDQRS. MIL. DIV. OF THE MISS., In the Field, Snake Creek Gap, Ga., Numbers 3.
May 12, 1864.
The object of the movement for to-morrow is to interpose between the enemy and Resaca, and to break his communications.
I. Major-General McPherson will move his column directly on Resaca occupying in force the hills on this side of Camp Creek, and his left extending along up Camp Creek. He will prepare to advance a part of his force his left to the railroad and break it, and then fall back to his line.
II. Major-General Thomas will follow close to General McPherson, and when he reaches a main road crossing the Resaca road about two miles this side of the town, viz, the Dalton and Calhoun road, he will turn to the left toward Dalton prepared to deploy forward and connect on his right with General McPherson’s left, choosing strong positions to cover the movement on the railroad.
III. Major-General Schofield will follow General Thomas and, at the first Dalton road, known as the Dalton and Rome road, will turn to the left and advance to breast of General Thomas and connect with him. General Schofield will leave one brigade in Snake Creek Gap, about five miles east of Villanow, and the balance of the one division in General McPherson’s intrenched camp at this point.]
IV. The cavalry of General Garrard will picket all roads to our rear, and in case of being threatened from the north will come into Snake Creek Gap and cover the rear of the army and the wagon trains. The cavalry of General Kilpatrick will move south of the main road to Resaca and be held in reserve near the forks of the roads and be subject to the orders of the commander -in-chief.
V. All trains will be brought in Snake Creek Gap and be parked in convenient order off the road. Great care must be observed in keeping the roads clear, and ambulances and wagons when not traveling the road must invariably turn out and leave all the road clear. Each army commander will leave his own wagon guards, and the men should leave their knapsacks in camp.
VI. The movement will begin at 6 a. m. to-morrow.
By order of Major General W. T. Sherman: