In the Field, near Lovejoy’s, No. 64. September 4, 1864.
The army having accomplished its undertaking in the complete reduction and occupation of Atlanta will occupy the place and the country near it until a new campaign is planned in concert with the other grand armies of the United States.
I. The Army of the Cumberland will occupy the city and its communications with Chattanooga, the Army of the Tennessee will occupy East Point and the right flank, and the Army of the Ohio the town of Decatur and the left flank; the cavalry will occupy Sandtown, Roswell, and other points on the flanks and along our line of communication.
II. To withdraw to the posts herein designated, the Army of the Cumberland will withdraw, first, to Jonesborough; second, to Rough and Ready, and third, to Atlanta, leaving the cavalry to bring up the rear in the manner herein prescribed.
III. The Army of the Tennessee will move in concert with that of the Cumberland, first, to its old position near Jonesborough; second, across the Flint River to about Morrow’s Mill, and third, to East Point and the head of Camp Creek.
IV. The Army of the Ohio will also move in concert with that of the Cumberland, first, to a point near Jonesborough; second, to some point within two miles and east of Rough and Ready, and last to Decatur.
V. General Kilpatrick’s cavalry will cover the left rear of the Army of the Tennessee, and that of General Garrard the right rear of the Army of the Ohio until they reach the position assigned in this order, when the cavalry commands will move to the points designated, viz, Sandtown and Roswell.
VI. The general-in-chief will give notice when the movement will begin, and after reaching Atlanta will establish headquarters in Atlanta, and afford the army an opportunity to have a full month’s rest, with every chance to organize, receive pay, replenish clothing, and prepare for a fine winter’s campaign.
By order of Major General W. T. Sherman: