From the Journal of the Atlanta Campaign, kept at headquarters of the Fourth Army Corps, by Lieutenant Colonel Joseph S. Fullerton, Assistant Adjutant General.
August 11.-2 p. m., received a note from General Sherman directing General Stanley to inquire of General Garrard whether the enemy are working on the Augusta railroad. Such fact is reported by prisoners. 3 p. m., General Garrard reports that some of the officers and men who were out with Stoneman’s raid report that they crossed the Augusta railroad so late as Sunday last, and no work had been done up to that time. He also reported that the enemy’s cavalry is massing on our left at Covington, preparatory to making a raid toward Tennessee or Kentucky. Nothing of importance occurred to-day. No movement of the enemy has been observed by our lookouts and there has been no change in their lines in our front. On the extreme right of the army Schofield is working up toward the enemy. Usual picket and artillery firing to-day. Day very warm and many heavy showers.