No. 218.
Near Atlanta, Ga., August 9, 1864.
* * * * * *
II. Special Field Orders, No. 205, paragraph X, July 27, 1864, from these headquarters, is revoked. The First Division Cavalry (McCook’s) will proceed to the District of the Etowah, headquarters Cartersville, Ga. The horses and equipments of the First Brigade, First Division Cavalry will be turned over to the Second Brigade, First Division. The several brigades of the First Division Cavalry will take post as follows: First Brigade (dismounted) at or near Kingston, Ga.; the Second Brigade at or near Cartersville, Ga., and the Third Brigade at or near Calhoun, Tenn. The dismounted men of the First Division will be mounted and equipped at Nashville, Tenn., and sent to the division as soon as possible. The transportation of the First Division Cavalry will be recruited and organized under existing orders. Brigadier-General McCook, commanding First Division will exercise a supervision over the several brigades of his division with a view to its instruction, discipline, and preparing it for active service as soon as possible, and will visit the several brigades for that purpose whenever necessary. The several brigades of this division will be concentrated as much as is possible to afford protection to the railroad, the mounted force patrolling the railroad and scouting the country between the Etowah River and Ellijay, and scouting the country between and Etowah River and Ellijay, and Spring Place.
* * * * * *
By order of Major-General Thomas:
Assistant Adjutant-General.